• Edition of 35
    Opening Price:$5,400.00
    Pre-cast: $4,500.00
    Weight: 50lbs

    "Busy as a Beaver" is an apt and common phrase for good reason....these industrious workers are rarely glimpsed at repose. Even eating takes on a "get it done" single-mindedness. But, it is their determined nature for building and maintaining dams that can transform an area into marshy wetlands teeming with new life.
    Lunch Break
  • Edition of 35
    Opening Price: $10,500
    Pre-cast Price: $5,900.00

    32"H x 22"W x 20"D
    Weight: 78lbs

    "The Boss":
    Watching a Great Horned Owl survey its territory, one is left with a strong impression of a commanding presence and wide gravity, looking like "The Boss" of any environment it's in. I came across one once, standing at almost 3 feet tall, in our path when I was riding in the Santa Fe National Forest. I stopped my horse, and we stood regarding one another for a while, the owl unfazed by our presence. Suddenly, the owl swiveled its head to the left, gracefully spreading its plumage, and lifted off, with only the softest whisper of wings.

    "Wisdom Keeper"
  • Edition of 35
    $2,500.00 with base
    $2,400 without base

    Wetlands provide a most abundant food source for so many different species, making it a major draw to creatures of the arid Southwest. Those specifically evolved to wetlands living can only be found there, like the Kingfisher in New Mexico.
    "Fisher King"
  • Edition of 35
    Opening Price: $11,500
    Weight: 70lbs

    There are few glimpses of wildlife more magnificent to behold as the sight of a soaring eagle, gliding its powerful body along air currents effortlessly. I imagine this to be the original inspiration for mankind to start his dreaming of flight himself.
  • Edition of 35
    18’’H x 58’’W x 20’’D
    Precast price: $14,000.00
    Opening price: $15,000.00

    This is a new size of my ever-popular and sold-out Cat Call.
    "Watch Cat"
  • Edition of 35
    Precast price: $2800.00
    Opening price: $3000.00
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