• "Bobkit Trio"

    Precast Price: $4800  Opening Price: $5200
    Edition Size: 50
    Dimensions: 17" x 11" x 12"

    "Bobkits" is a sculpture of a trio of bobcat kittens stopped mid-play by something that has caught their attention. Their reactions range from curious to skeptical, different personalities beginning to show even at a young age.
    They are a lifesize scale that would look right at home next to "Guard Duty," and they will have a similar tawny golden patina.
    They are available at precast pricing for a limited time, and then will be available at regular pricing after the first one has been cast in bronze.
    Bobkit Trio
  • Talisman Moon Bear (small)

    Precast Price: $2400 | Opening Price: $2700
    Edition of 50
    Dimensions: 7" x 13.5" x 6.5"

    Mankind has been creating effigies and talismans for tens of thousands of years, well before we began farming or settling in cities and villages. We have always sought to make representations of the world around us and of more abstract concepts of our experiences, from Paleolithic cave paintings of animals and stone fertility statuettes up into the variety of art forms across every culture in the present day.
    When man is living close to nature and is aware of the rhythms of the natural world as a matter of survival, he recognizes and learns from the strengths inherent to other species; the bear’s instinct for foraging useful herbs and berries, the coyote’s cleverness, the deer’s grace and ability to move silently through the forest.
    The recreation of these animals becomes the physical embodiment of the characteristics they symbolize to the maker. He may also add stones, feathers, bones, or other objects which have their own significance. The final object is a vessel for the energy of the maker, his needs and thoughts and beliefs. Is it any different for contemporary artists? I would argue that it is very much the same, this desire to create objects of meaning. I sought to explore this concept with this body of work.
    Originally sculpted at larger dimensions, I now want to make versions that are at a more accessible size for contemplation in places where people spend a lot of time living and working, at desks and around tables.
    They will be available at precast pricing for a limited time until they are cast in bronze; please call the gallery closest to you to order.
    Sorrel Sky - Santa Fe, NM - (505) 501-6555
    Sorrel Sky - Durango, CO - (970) 247-3555
    The Signature Gallery - Scottsdale, AZ - (480) 949-7003
    Medicine Man Gallery - Tucson, AZ - (520) 722-7798
    K Newby Gallery - Tubac, AZ - (520) 398-9662
    Talisman Moon Bear (small)
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