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Caring for Your Bronze Sculpture

Though bronzes have been known to withstand the test of time without maintenance, care is recommended and can result in the patinas remaining fresh and looking new.

As a general rule, keep your indoor bronze away from direct sunlight and moisture. This will prevent your patina from reacting and becoming dark over time and/or the wooden base from warping and discoloring.

Rollover Bronze Sculpture by Star Liana York
Roll Over

Waxing Your Bronze

The frequency of waxing is dependent on the amount of handling and/or exposure to the sun and weather. Indoor bronzes not set in the sun or touched may be waxed infrequently. Outdoor bronzes with a sealant will keep their luster over time when waxed twice a year.

Outdoor Bronzes

For a nominal fee dependent upon the size of the sculpture, a sealant can be added to the outdoor bronze.

Outside, bronzes should not be placed directly on the ground where dampness or moisture can collect and be absorbed through the metal or bronze underneath. This can create a patina color distortion.  These sculptures will need to be placed on some kind of stone or cement base.

Rose In Bloom Sculpture  by Star Liana York
Rose in Bloom


Sculpt Nouveau's wax is recommended for outdoor use. This wax is made with binders, rust, and UV inhibitors. It is ideal for bronze, brass and copper. The wax is available in clear as well as many colors.

  • Apply to a hot or cold surface.
  • Stippling with a brush may be the preferred method of application to prevent streaking on the surface. Try not to let the clear wax fill up in the recessed areas as it may turn white.
  • Use a toothbrush or soft brush to remove the excess wax from these areas.
  • When using the colored waxes the build up in the recessed areas is desirable.
  • If you are waxing on a cold surface with the clear wax, buff after 15 to 30 minutes. Let the colored wax sit longer, up to an hour then buff. The colored waxes take much longer to dry.
  • If you are applying the wax to a hot surface, let the surface cool down, then buff.
  • Do not apply the wax to extremely hot surfaces; let the surface cool down somewhat.
  • Do not wait longer than these times to buff in any circumstance as the wax soon dries too hard.
  • Lacquer or varnish may be applied over a hot application of wax once it has cooled, if there is only one coat of hot wax.
  • This wax works well when applied over another clear protective coating or used alone.

No Cleaners or Sprays

Never use cleaners or sprays on your sculptures since this could damage the patina and the luster of the wood base.

Bronze Oxidation

It is always advisable for a collector placing a sculpture outside to understand the aging process of the material used in creating the sculpture.

When any sculpture is exposed to natural environment elements, particularly sun and sea air, it must be protected and maintained to remain new looking, though the changes are on the surface and do not effect the integrity and sculptural value of the bronze. Many people prefer to see the weathering process, and feel it actually enhances the beauty of the art.


Bronco Belle

Further Information

Detailed instructions on caring for your bronze sculpture can be downloaded here:

Caring for Your Star York Bronze Sculpture [PDF]

If you have any questions or need further information about maintaining a specific sculpture, please contact Star York Studio.

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