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A Brief Biography

Star Liana York is known as much for her talent as she is for the variety of the work she creates.

Star grew up in Maryland, the daughter of a ballerina and a woodworker. She attended the University of Maryland, the Institute of Art in Baltimore, and the Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington, D.C.

In 1985, Star moved to New Mexico, where she currently lives with her with her menagerie of animals.

Star Liana York with clay of Paws a Plenty
Star in her Abiquiu studio with the clay of Paws a Plenty.
Photo by Pam Taylor
Magazine covers featuring the sculpture of Star Liana York.

"The sculpted figures are so inviting and York so unassuming that before long, you have entered into a pact with her and have become involved in her vision." --New Mexico Magazine, May 1993

A prominent sculptor, Star was chosen as one of the 30 most influential artists by Southwest Art Magazine.

Her work has been featured on the cover of numerous magazines, including Southwest Art, Art Talk, New Mexico, and The Equine Image.

Star was honored in 1999 with a solo exhibition at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has shown her work in many galleries and museums.

Star's Inspiration

Since arriving in the Southwest, Star's body of work has reflected the cultural diversity and history of the area. She is also inspired by the native wildlife and mythology, and the mysteries of ancient sacred sites.

Abiquiu landscape
Abiquiu, New Mexico
"This is a place that requires a curious, open mind and respectful patience for it to reveal all its aesthetic and spiritual complexities. It is richly rewarding when time and care are given."

Coyote Family Bronze Set by Star Liana York
Coyote Family

Spring Snow Bronze by Star Liana York
Spring Snow

"When a character emerges from a work I am sculpting, I feel touched at a deeply intimate, subconscious level. It is this essence in a work of art that makes it intensely personal and entirely universal at the same time."

Blessing Way Monument by Star Liana York
Blessing Way Monument

Star's source of inspiration for a signifant part of her work comes from Native American and Western cultures.

She sensitively captures their cultural identity, whether indigenous or ranch life, and celebrates them by preserving her observations through bronze.

Pinto Begay Bronze by Star Liana York
Pinto Begay

"I'm much more comfortable with animals. I trust the emotion of animals and horses. I understand where they are coming from and their behavior is honest."

Horses have been another source of inspiration. Since the purchase of her first horse in high school, Star has been intrigued by the fluidity of line and mass of horse anatomy, as well as by the animal's fiery instincts.

Star's sculptural depictions of the horse are based on her interpretation of the equine image through history.

Star Liana York  & Lady Dunit
Star with Lady Dunit
Horse Whispers Bronze by Star Liana York
Horse Whispers
Mare of the Renaissance bronze by Star Liana York
Mare of the Renaissance

"An enduring appeal of horse imagery is that it can embody both powerful male and female symbolism. The horses depicted on the ceremonial caves of Paleolitihic man suggest fertility and abundance, whereas the horse in Renaissance art, depict equines that have developed into tools for battle . . . strongly male."


Quiet the Mind, Open Your Heart Video Credits

This piece was written, produced, filmed, and edited by Pam Taylor.
Photography by Pam Taylor. www.pamtaylorphotography.com, www.pamtaylormultimedia.com

Studio photography ©Wendy McEahern: www.wmphotosantafe.com

Additional images by Rachel Brock, Jeff Shulman, Dell Weston, and Star York.

Music "Eagle Song" by Phillip John "Aarnaquq" Charette, www.phillipcharette.com, www.yupikmask.com

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